What To Expect With New Dentures?

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It shouldn’t be surprising that going from toothlessness to a full set of dentures will require some adjustments. The absence of teeth in your jaw changes the shape of your mouth, the way you make sounds, the way you eat, and even how your mouth and tongue feel daily. When you’re fit with your new dentures in North Naples, a lot about the shape of your mouth will change.

It’s easy to say, “You’ll get used to them dismissively.” It’s true. You will get used to your dentures. But we want you to have more specific support and guidance than that. Solving your tooth loss with new dentures from a denture clinic near you is a big deal that can change your life. Here’s what you need to know about the first month or so while you get used to them.

Day one

When being fitted for new dentures, it’s very common that your dentist in North Naples will need to extract some teeth that are still in your jaw. If you’ve opted for conventional dentures, you won’t receive your dentures for two or three months until your jaw and gums have completely healed. If you’ve opted for immediate dentures, you’ll leave the dentist’s office after your extractions with dentures in place. However, your gums and jaw still need time to heal from the extractions.
During the first 24 hours after extractions, take pain medications and antibiotics precisely as our dentist prescribes. If you were fitted with immediate dentures, don’t remove them during this first 24-hour period. Leave them in even as you sleep that first night. During this first 24 period, eat only soft foods. It’s the perfect time for mac ‘n cheese or mashed potatoes.

Day two

If you opt for immediate dentures, you’ll return to your dentist one day after the extractions. At that appointment, your dentist will remove your dentures (which have been in place for the 24 hours since the extractions). In the future, remove your dentures and leave them out while sleeping.

During the first couple of weeks

Don’t be alarmed if you notice sore spots on your gums in the first few days. It’s natural and to be expected due to the physical presence of the dentures on your gums. If eating causes too much soreness, consider adding a protein shake or liquid meal supplement to keep your strength up. In addition to soreness, you might notice increased saliva production in your mouth.

As your gums heal, swelling will fade, and the gum tissue may contract. Those changes to your gums will affect the fit of your immediate dentures. If you were provided immediate dentures, you’d visit your dentist in North Naples during these two weeks to adjust your dentures in response to the changes in your gums. The goal of these adjustments is to tweak your dentures to fit comfortably and to work effectively.

Beyond the two-week mark

Once two weeks have passed, you should expect fewer sore areas in your mouth. The increased saliva production in the first few weeks should also have passed. By this point, your dentures should fit well, though you can always contact a dentist near you if any further adjustments are required.
While the physical adjustments in your mouth may be complete or nearly so, you may still notice changes in how you speak. You may hear a lisp while wearing dentures. That’s just a function of the changes to the shape of the interior of your mouth. You’ll be tempted to stay quiet because of that lisp, but that’s counter-productive. Rather than staying quiet, try to keep talking. If you don’t want to talk to others, talk or read to yourself until your speech returns to normal.

Going forward

When well-cared for, your dentures will look natural thanks to advanced materials and the care to blend them with your mouth, lips, and skin tone. Poor hygiene can undermine that natural appearance, but your dentures and gums can produce a foul order if not kept clean. Care for your dentures like real teeth, and remove them at night to submerge them in water or denture cleansers.
Don’t be alarmed if getting accustomed to your new dentures takes a month. Be patient with yourself; the effort will pay off. Don’t hesitate to contact a dentist near you if you experience anything unexpected.