Tooth-Coloured Fillings Near You

In the past, silver (dental amalgam) fillings were used when patients had tooth decay or cavities. One of the main problems with this filling type is its poor aesthetics. Silver fillings contrast with the rest of your smile; over time, they can tarnish or discolour your teeth. Today, patients now have the option of tooth-coloured fillings. Tooth-coloured fillings in North Naples, FL, or composite fillings, are made of plastic, silica, and glass particles.

This combination of materials makes for an aesthetic alternative to silver fillings that blends with the natural colour of your teeth. This metal-free option will enhance your appearance and allow you to smile confidently. However, the benefits of composite tooth fillings are more than just cosmetic.

Composite fillings offer a more conservative approach to preserving tooth structure. This is because less tooth structure needs to be removed in preparation for the filling. Also, composite tooth filling near you restores the strength of your teeth since they are bonded to your teeth.

tooth-coloured fillings in North Naples, FL

The Dental Filling Procedure

You may need to visit our dentist’s office for a filling for multiple reasons. The two most common reasons are decay and chipping. The procedure will always remain the same regardless of the filling material used. Once our dentist has administered a local anesthetic, they will prepare the tooth for restoration by removing the decay. Lastly, our dentist will place the filling material directly into your tooth.

In terms of composite fillings, our dentist won’t need to make “undercuts” when shaping the teeth, unlike traditional amalgam fillings. This is because composite fillings form an intimate and mechanical bond to the prepared tooth. Ultimately, this can result in a more durable and longer-lasting restoration.

Practice proper oral hygiene and regularly visit our dental clinic to keep your composite fillings and smile looking beautiful.