What Is the Average Cost for Root Canal Therapy Near Me?

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Undergoing root canal treatment can always be intimidating. People generally feel anxious about receiving dental procedures. But part of that anxiety is also associated with the cost of the treatment needed. Generally speaking, the cost of root canal treatment in North Naples will be determined by different factors related to the specifics of your case. Other things that can modify the cost of the treatment include location, the dental office you’re visiting, and even the type of dentist that will be performing the procedure. Here’s everything you need to know to estimate how much you will spend on a root canal.

What is a root canal?

It’s a procedure in restorative dentistry in which a dental professional extracts the infected pulp of a damaged tooth. It’s meant to save the tooth and prevent the spread of bacteria to nearby structures. After removing the pulp, the tooth’s interior is thoroughly disinfected, and a filling can be placed. After the dentist near you places the filling, they finally seal the tooth to prevent the reentering of infection.

Every case is different

If you receive a root canal in North ‌Naples, the cost will vary depending on the tooth needing treatment. Normally, front teeth are much less expensive than molars. It is due to the anatomical differences between the teeth. Molars and bicuspids have more roots than front teeth, which significantly modifies the complexity of the procedure and, as a result, the cost. An estimate of how much a root canal can cost depending on the location of the tooth is as follows:

  • If you need treatment for a front tooth: $762
  • If you need treatment for a bicuspid: $879
  • If you need treatment for a molar: $1,111

It should give you a general idea of what to expect when obtaining a root canal.

The severity of your case

Another factor that can increase the cost is the severity of your case. That’s why visiting your dental clinic in North Naples is recommended to assess your situation properly. If your dentist needs to place a filling or a crown, these additional restorative procedures can rack up your bill. Even diagnosis elements such as X-rays can increase the cost of your treatment.

Your type of insurance

The cost of a root canal can be much lower if you have dental insurance. However, the type of insurance will determine how much you will pay. Most dental insurances cover up to 90% of the cost of treatments. However, it would help if you spoke with a dentist near you and your insurance company to confirm exactly how much they will cover.

Save money on your treatment

If you’re worried about not being able to afford treatment, then it’s time for you to search for ways to find root canal treatment near you that is budget-friendly. Here are some tips on that:

  • Look for a dental school where they need patients to practice. The cost of this will always be lower. If you’re worried about a student performing the procedure, don’t worry. There will always be an experienced dentist in North Naples overseeing the treatment.
  • Check daily for deals on dental websites. Some dental clinics offer discounts on treatments from time to time.
  • Find out if our dental office near you offers flexible payment plans.

Remember, the initial cost of root canal therapy in North Naples may be more than you’re willing to spend, but it can save you money on additional procedures.