Root Canal Therapy… It’s Not As Painful As You Think!

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Are you worried about the pain involved in root canal therapy? It’s a common fear but one that should be kept in perspective. Root canal therapy aims to eliminate the pain you’re probably already experiencing due to an infection or injury involving your teeth. If you’re considering root therapy in North Naples, here’s the information you need to understand the procedure and what you may experience.

Will root canal therapy hurt?

If you are considering receiving a root canal in North Naples, you are probably already experiencing pain because of an infection affecting a tooth’s nerve or blood supply. The professionals at a dental clinic will help you to eliminate that pain. The root canal procedure will be pain-free thanks to modern medical and dental advances and technology.

When should you consider root canal treatment in North Naples?

Inside every tooth is a pulp chamber that contains that tooth’s living tissue and a root canal. That root canal comprises blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. If you’ve experienced tooth decay, a cracked or broken tooth, or multiple rounds of dental work, that pulp chamber can become inflamed or swollen. When that inflammation is acute, it can lead to abscesses, which are swollen areas filled with pus. Persistent and painful toothaches can be traced to abscesses.

In those circumstances, you should consider consulting a dental clinic in North Naples. Root canal therapy can prevent: the living tissue in your tooth from dying and chronic infections from developing and spreading.

What will happen during a root canal?

Much of the fear associated with root canal therapy in North Naples or anywhere comes from not knowing or understanding what might happen. Understanding the five steps in root canal therapy will help ease that anxiety.

  1. A highly trained specialist dentist — an endodontic surgeon — will perform a background check to identify the cause of your pain. Typically, this investigation includes an X-ray. Since pain brought you to the dental clinic in North Naples in the first place, this background check can be done after you receive an oral sedative.
  2. The tooth being treated will be numbed with local anesthesia. The time needed to achieve numbness will vary depending on how inflamed the tooth pulp is.
  3. A thin layer of rubber called a dental dam will be placed over the tooth being treated. The point of the dental dam is to isolate that affected tooth from the others and your mouth.
  4. The surgeon will drill a small hole into the biting surface of the affected — and numbed tooth to give access to the pulp chamber and root canal. Using a special tool, the infected pulp — the source of your pain will be removed.
  5. After removing the source of your pain, the surgeon will disinfect and shape the tooth to hold a customized root canal filling for your mouth. Once that filling is in place, the dental professional at your dental clinic in North Naples will seal the access hole to prevent future infection.

Remember, that five-step process occurs under oral sedation only after your tooth is fully numbed. The root canal procedure is pain-free. Better than that, the entire goal of root canal therapy in North Naples is to eliminate the pain that brought you to the dental clinic.
If you are experiencing tooth pain, take the first and easy step towards being pain-free by contacting a dental clinic in North Naples.