Reasons to Choose an Endodontist Over a General Dentist for Root Canal Therapy

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Reasons to Select an Endodontist

As is the case with any realm of health, there are dozens of different facets of care that professionals can specialize in. Dentistry is no exception. Restorative dentistry, orthodontics, and endodontics are just a few examples.
These branches of dental care are here to help address patients’ unique needs as effectively as possible. Typically, your general dentist will be the one to recommend you to a specialist if you require more extensive and detailed care.

What is a Root Canal?

Some of the most common examples of instances that require the services of a specialized dental professional include wisdom teeth extraction, root canal therapy, and when you’re looking to receive braces. Although your general dentist can treat a wide variety of oral conditions, sometimes, it’s better to visit someone who focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and treating your particular problem, as this ensures you’ll get the best care.
Inside your teeth is the pulp, a fleshy sack where nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels meet. If the pulp becomes inflamed or damaged, this can cause you a lot of sensitivity and pain. The pulp must be removed to remedy this and save as much of your tooth as possible.
A mature tooth can survive without its pulp because your neighboring teeth supply the necessary nutrients and blood to survive.
If you’re considering receiving root canal therapy near you, it’s a good idea to talk to an endodontist, a dentist who focuses exclusively on treating your tooth’s pulp. They’ll be able to outline what this process entails and answer any questions you might have.

Visiting a General Dental Versus an Endodontist

Regarding the actual procedure, general dentists and endodontists can perform a root canal. So, why bother seeing a specialist?
It is a question that people frequently ask, and to help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should consider receiving root canal therapy from an endodontist in North Naples.

1. Cost.

Arguably, the most prominent reason is cost. Services offered by specialists, regardless of what profession it is, cost more. It is because of their extensive amount of expertise and the complex nature of the health conditions that they address daily.
A root canal is already costly, so people are more likely to visit a general dentist for this treatment. However, an endodontist can perform the procedure in less time. They also boost higher success rates.

2. Education.

You’ve likely heard on many occasions about the importance of education in getting ahead and being successful. Endodontists have three more years of comprehensive schooling than general dentists. It means they’ll have more knowledge about the inner workings of your tooth and what the best course of action is when it comes to saving it.
As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

3. Experience.

In addition to possessing more in-depth knowledge, endodontists have a lot more experience since, on average, they perform more than double the number of root canals weekly compared to a general dentist. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable and trusting of someone well-versed in a certain treatment instead of someone who performs it infrequently?

4. Technology.

Although many general dentists in North Naples utilize reliable dental technology, endodontists can access higher-quality equipment like microscopes and 3D imaging to create a more detailed image of your teeth and gums.

5. Pain management.

Many people fear visiting a dentist in North Naples because they don’t want to experience pain. When you receive a root canal, a local anesthesia injection is typically administered to keep you relaxed throughout your appointment. With that said, endodontists are very skilled at administering numbing agents. It is great news for those who fear needles and patients who deal with sensitivity.

Are you to receive a root canal near you? Call or come into Torrens Dental Care today to get started! Our staff looks forward to helping you get your oral health back on track.