How Long Does a Root Canal Last Without Crown?

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our dentist explaining about root canal

An effective dental technique to save a tooth that has gotten diseased or damaged is a root canal. In most dentist practices, the surgery is routine and can offer long-lasting relief from excruciating tooth pain. It is frequently advised to cap your tooth with a crown after undergoing root canal therapy in North Naples to offer additional security and stop further harm. However, some people might put off having a crown because of the price or other factors.

What is a root canal?

A dental procedure called a root canal is performed to treat teeth with severe decay, abscesses, or infections. In order to treat severely damaged teeth without having to remove them, this form of treatment is now one of the only viable options. An untreated cavity may cause an infected or abscessed tooth, which may require a root canal. A cavity may first appear as a little hole on the surface of your tooth, but if it is not treated right away, germs can develop inside the hole and cause more tooth decay and infection.

How long does a root canal last without a crown?

After a root canal, a crown may be a helpful finishing touch to restore your tooth. However, following a root canal, crowns are not always required. Without the use of a crown, your root canal procedure may last for many years. The following variables could affect how long your root canal will last without a crown.

  • Location of the tooth

How long a root canal can last without a crown depends on where the tooth is located in your mouth. The teeth in the front of your mouth are typically less prone to injury than the teeth in the back of your mouth, called molars or premolars, which are used for grinding and chewing.

For teeth near the rear of your mouth that frequently experience a lot of pressure while performing daily tasks like eating, a crown may be extremely advantageous.

  • Maintenance of the tooth

Even without a crown, maintaining your root canal properly might help increase its lifespan. To guarantee the best results for your tooth, your dentist near you will provide you with detailed instructions for post-treatment maintenance.
Regular brushing and flossing can also help maintain the health of the tooth and the gums that surround it and stop additional decay or infection.

If the tooth is not adequately cared for, it can be more vulnerable to decay and damage. As a result, a crown may be required sooner than if the tooth had been properly cared for following the root canal. In conclusion, we may state that a tooth treated with endodontics can endure forever if the procedures have been correctly carried out by the specialist, including the use of dental crowns when necessary and the taking of pre-and post-treatment radiographs.

Plus, if the patient practices appropriate oral hygiene and goes to routine maintenance examinations after getting root canal therapy near you.

How to extend the life of a root canal

In addition to receiving fast, high-quality care, there are other steps you may take to make sure a root canal lasts as long as possible:

  • Proper oral care: Bacteria can be controlled by regularly brushing and flossing after meals and before bed.
  • Routine dental examinations: You’ll experience considerably less (or perhaps none!) pain or sensation in the tooth after a root canal, so you might not notice any cavity symptoms. Cavities can be avoided or treated with regular dental cleanings and checkups from a dentist in North Naples.

Restorative Dentistry Results That Last a Lifetime

The most effective remedy for a toothache caused by cavities or damaged teeth may be a root canal. It is a reasonably priced way to keep the tooth.

Call our dentist right away if you require this procedure or simply have questions you’d like to have answered before committing to anything. All inquiries are welcome at Torrens Dental Care. We look forward to providing you with a reliable treatment strategy that will get your smile back to looking stunning. Talk with you soon!