How Long After Tooth Extraction Can I Get An Implant?

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dentist explaining about dental implants

You might need a replacement tooth as soon as possible if you recently had a damaged tooth extracted. In addition to leaving a conspicuous gap in your smile, missing teeth can make chewing challenging. Many solutions are available today for restoring missing teeth, but dental implants in North Naples are by far the most practical and durable option.

Dental implants give the impression that you’ve never even lost a tooth! But how long must pass after a tooth extraction before receiving a dental implant? Let’s find out.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Missing teeth are replaced by these tiny metal posts, which resemble screws. By first restoring the roots, dental implants offer a long-lasting remedy for tooth loss. Our dentist in Naples will undertake a different process to crown the implant after the implant process, typically using a dental crown, denture, or bridgework. Your tooth will feel and appear normal in either situation.

Receiving dental implants is not as routine as receiving dentures. There will be surgery. Oral implants require intrusive procedures that are enough to make the process challenging. Therefore, any additional abnormalities you add to your process could make it too much for you to handle.

What Happens After a Tooth is Extracted?

Your tooth will be removed by our dentist, leaving an unnatural-feeling gap in the socket. However, changes brought on by tooth loss can often take time to notice. The jawbone beneath it loses density without stimulation from a tooth’s roots. A loss of jawbone can make it more likely that the remaining teeth will need to be pulled because there will be less support.

Teeth on each side of the gap will also start to wander. It can affect your ability to chew effectively and raise aesthetic issues. A chronic teeth-grinding habit or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) could result from your bite becoming so out of alignment.

Fortunately, all of these problems can be avoided by getting dental implants near you.

How Soon Can You Get a Dental Implant After a Tooth Extraction?

The time you must wait between having a tooth extracted and replaced depends on several variables. Which of the three primary forms of dental implant treatment you’ll have depends on the below factors:

  • Immediate Placement Of Implants

You can have an implant soon after extraction if your gums are healthy and your jawbone is dense enough. Our dentist can immediately put the titanium post into your jaw after the tooth extraction. After that, it gradually fuses with the bone to produce a solid foundation for a distinctive dental crown.

  • Placement Ater Tissue Healing

If you lose a tooth because of gum infection, the tissue must cure before an implant can be placed. The implant must be attached before three months have passed since up to half of the jawbone might be lost during the first three months after the extraction. Before the crown is fitted, the post is placed and given time to connect to your jaw, just like with an instant implant.

Tips For Avoiding Unnecessary Delays

If your tooth has been seriously decaying for some time, you may already be experiencing jaw bone loss. You could need a bone graft in this situation after having a tooth pulled. The area of your jaw where our dentist grafted bone material strengthens after about six months. After that, our dentist can surgically insert the implant.

Talk to Our Dentist in Naples Today!

Looking to gather more information about restorative dentistry options? Please speak to our dentists at Torrens Dental Care! We can help you decide if acquiring implants is worth the wait and how long you’ll wait before getting your replacement tooth. Call or email today!