How Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

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There are various causes for the loss of multiple teeth, from age to accident to countless circumstances in between, including advanced tooth decay and gum disease. Tooth loss is not a life sentence. You have multiple options for replacing your teeth, including full and partial dentures and dental implants in North Naples. While different options suit different people, our dentist in North Naples will explain that several significant advantages make dental implants worthy of consideration.

As you consider your options for replacing your teeth and restoring your dental function and confidence, here are some basics about dental implants near you to remember.

Dental implants in North Naples restore confidence.

We completely understand how big missing teeth can dent your confidence. For their size, your teeth play an unusually large role in your appearance, especially when you feel relaxed and confident enough to smile and laugh. Dental implants near you can renew your confidence and self-esteem if you smile and laugh less because you’re ashamed of or self-conscious about your missing teeth.

You’ll be healthier with dental implants from a dentist in North Naples.

The loss of one or many teeth can instantly affect how you eat and the foods you eat. Depending on what teeth are missing and how many, you may suddenly be unable to eat many of your favorite and other essential foods. Nutritionists and physicians agree that fruits, vegetables, and protein are all essential to a healthy diet. However, properly eating many fruits, vegetables, and protein can be difficult, frustrating, or even impossible without teeth.
The frustrations of eating while missing multiple teeth can lead to two results: you might stop eating some of those essential fruits, vegetables, and proteins, or you might keep eating them without chewing them properly. Either way, your health will suffer because you lack essential nutrients or because improperly chewed foods will burden your digestive system. Implants can help you eat naturally and healthily again.

Speaking is easier with implants than with dentures.

Dentures are another option for losing all or multiple teeth, but one that still results in challenges while eating and speaking. Dentures can make it harder to produce some sounds, especially while adapting to them, and if they do not fit properly. Since the fit of dentures changes naturally over time, you’ll experience several bouts of frustrating inability to speak clearly. If the ability to speak is important to your self-esteem or professional activities, implants allow you to speak completely naturally after a short period of adjustment.

Dental implants in North Naples are much more convenient than dentures

Typical dentures are designed to be taken in and out of your mouth regularly and must be cleaned regularly to maintain lifespan. While dentures can last for many years if taken care of well, they must be adjusted, re-lined, and even replaced after several years because your jaw and gums change with time.
Advanced dental implants are replacement teeth roots that can support permanent and fixed solutions for teeth loss — even implant-supported dentures — that you’ll never need to remove from your mouth.

To determine if you’re a good candidate for life-changing dental implants, contact a dentist in North Naples to carefully review your medical and dental history and thoroughly assess your mouth and jaw. The dentist will take images of your jaw to ensure that you can support implants and determine the underlying cause of your tooth loss to ensure you receive all treatment necessary to ensure your implants successfully and permanently meet your dental needs.