How Can I Whiten My Teeth?

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Maintaining the whiteness of your teeth can be quite a task because of all the staining substances found in certain foods and drinks you might be consuming regularly, such as tea, coffee, wine, and soda. While the side effects of excessive consumption of these on your health would be a separate discussion altogether, there are various methods to reduce the yellowness of teeth caused by these substances offered by a dentist near you.
Brushing and flossing teeth will not make a noticeable difference in reducing the yellowness of teeth if they have been stained over a long period. When searching methods for teeth whitening near you, some products found at local drug stores can help to a certain extent.

Whitening toothpaste and charcoal toothpaste

Special toothpaste is available in stores with ingredients like hydrogen peroxide that help fight dullness. Activated charcoal is another ingredient commonly used in whitening toothpaste that scrubs teeth to remove stains. Both of this toothpaste provide minimal results and can cause damage to tooth enamel or teeth sensitivity with prolonged usage.

Whitening pens

These are tubes of whitening gels with a brush at the tip for easy application. After brushing, apply the gel to your teeth and leave it on for 30 minutes. You do not need to rinse it off.

Whitening strips

These strips contain a whitening solution that can be discreetly worn on teeth and left. It can provide a whitening effect with regular use.

Bleaching gels and dental whitening trays

These methods can potentially provide better results if the instructions are followed meticulously. In most cases, however, the trays do not fit properly like the ones used by a dentist, and the bleaching gels leave you with tooth sensitivity.

Why choose In-office whitening?

Suppose you want your teeth to be visibly whitened conveniently and without resulting in any oral damage. It is best to have the process carried out at a North Naples dentist that provides professional teeth whitening services. In-office methods for teeth whitening will provide vastly better results as a dental professional performs them and will be more comfortable as the instruments, like dental trays, will be customized to you. Also, store-bought methods might result in uneven teeth whitening if you have dental implants, crowns, or bridges.

Teeth whitening using laser.

In this method, a medical-grade whitening gel is applied to teeth and then exposed to laser light to provide heat. It activates the whitening components in the gel. After 15-20 minutes, the gel is washed off to check the result. If required, your dentist will repeat this process until the desired result is obtained.

At-home professional whitening kits

These will include dental trays that fit you properly and whitening gels customized to provide teeth whitening as per your needs. The procedure is to put the whitening gel in the two dental trays and put the trays over your teeth. After the time stipulated by your dentist, you can remove the trays, clean them and store them for use again. The whitening solution refills can be bought at your dental office.
You might want to use this method if you do not have time during the day to visit a dental professional or prefer performing these procedures from the comfort of your home. These whitening kits a dentist provides are higher in whitening strength than those available in stores, giving you more satisfying results.


For people having further cosmetic issues with their teeth, such as chips, gaps, or deep discoloration, opting for veneers is another way to get a brilliant smile. These thin layers of porcelain are moulded and applied to all the visible teeth to hide the cosmetic flaws.
White teeth are truly an asset that adds radiance to smiles. If you have tried the teeth whitening solutions off the store shelves and failed to get visible results, consider visiting a dental office for teeth whitening in North Naples to add sparkle to your smile!