Torrens Dental Care- Composite Fillings

Dr. Torrens- Naples Florida Dentist

Tooth Colored Composite Filling

Composite Fillings, commonly referred to as tooth colored fillings, are undeniable proof that science can be artfully applied to cosmetic dentistry by Dr. Torrens, a Naples dentist. No longer will you feel uncomfortable with gold and silver amalgam fillings. Now you can smile with confidence as you show off your perfectly blended composite fillings. Composite dental fillings are made from resins that are bonded to your teeth. This type of filling also can help hot and cold sensitivity, as well as biting pain when a failing restorations needs to be replaced or a new cavity appears. Additionally, Composite fillings require less of your tooth to be removed, so you can keep more of your natural tooth structure. Any decay is removed from the affected tooth before applying the composite filling material in a series of layers. A special light is used to harden the resin after which time the filling is shaped and polished for a natural look and feel. Composite fillings usually require only one visit to Torrens Dental Care.

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